Ebling 16Ft Truck Backblade

Ebling & Sons


Ebling's backblades are great for parking lots, residential driveways, and loading docks. Price listed is for carry-out, tax not included. Call for installation pricing.

This 16ft Truck Blade is:
- Heavy duty back blade designed for 3/4 ton and 1 ton single rear wheel trucks. 
- 90" Moldboard. 
- 21" blade height
- Approximately 4ft wings
- Overall width in the open position 16'
- Overall width in the closed position: 8'
- 4 arm lift system ensures a straight vertical lift pattern.
- Adjustable top arms to accommodate different height trucks.
- Adjustable QD arms making the blade universal to fit other trucks. 
- Bucher hydraulic pump is hard wired to the vehicles electrical system.
- Hydraulic pump is mounted to the plow and is protected by a 3/16 steel pump box with an easy to remove steel top. 
- Hydraulic down pressure for maximum scraping action. Relief set at 2300 lbs.
- Horizontal Spring bar keeps the back blade level while in the up position. 
- Brake away shear bolt on each wing along with hydraulic relief reduces the possibility for cylinder and wing damage when an 
obstruction is hit.
- Remote switch at rear of truck mounted on a stainless steel plate or recessed in the bed of truck for quick attach/detach of back 
And "yes" you will still have full use of your truck tailgate.